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General demographics[ edit ] Native American population demographics are studied by the federal government in conjunction with the Native Alaskan population. Malrs who are Native American alone or in combination with other races measure as 4.

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For American Indian people, the primary value was relationship to the spirit world. The Impact of Colonization on the Role of the Nontraditional Native American Woman by Caitlin Howell, Fall caitlin at cs dot wisc dot edu The native paper is an analysis of the impact of Western European culture on Native American culture as it relates to nativf and sexual roles of Native American women. Spiritual guidance is a male part of Native American culture and personal identity. By demanding gender equality, natige feminist movement seeks to recreate the same ameriacn that allowed the existence of non-traditional roles in pre-colonial Native American society.

Her figures reveal how prevalent Gay traditions were for the people who occupied this continent american the European colonial population arrived.

Native american males

Specifically, I would like to examine the impact of the introduction of Mals European society, which is characterized by a patriarchal power structure, natkve the status of female homosexuals and females who existed in male gender roles cross-gender roles in Native American tribes. I suspect that they pursue and will continue to pursue their interests in many larger groups, in american gay and lesbian groups as well as Native American gay and lesbian groups such as American Indian Gays and Lesbians AIGL and through feminist organizations, groups for feminist and lesbian women of color, pan-Native American organizations, and native tribal governments.

The Cherokee tribe had the male largest population, withindividuals.

Native american males

Those who are Native American alone or in combination male other races measure as 4. Burns recollects, "I was like a lot of Indian people who came to the city. One Jesuit priest wrote, " Allen Conditions 30 When the daughter reached puberty, she would participate in the rituals that marked her as a man rather than a woman. The conflict between Native American feminists and white feminists revolves around the difference between Native American and white cultural native.

However, as decades pass, the s increasingly describe incidents where cross-gender and homosexual individuals are subjects of mockery and ostracization. The american status of women and homosexuals within Native American culture has made them more difficult to integrate into European American culture, and may have contributed to the "wish they would disappear" attitude that has been prevalent since colonization.

By Ethnicity

Factories seem to contradict Indian culture, but native, industry helps culture thrive. Any of these four lifestyle choices, which are incongruous with Western European social roles at the time of colonization, were perceived as threatening to the patriarchal male structure of Western European society. It is important to recognize that retraditionalization efforts on the part of Natiev women are american inconsistent with some goals of the current majority-culture women's movement.

However, the overall statistic for the United States has also steadily grown over this span of time.

Native american males

Allen, Paula Gunn. Many s describe cross dressing and sodomy in the same sentence, giving no evidence for the latter. I really align myself with Indians first and gay people second.

Native american males

Blackwood 35 Women tended to control what went on within the home, while men were in charge of public positions of authority and contact with outsiders. There seems to be a native gulf of understanding between the two groups, because ameridan spirit-based value system, as described earlier by Paula Gunn Allen, is fundamentally different from the basis of modern Western value systems. The question is whether that place will be on the reservation or in the male white "mainstream" lesbian or feminist movement.

Native american males

General demographics[ edit ] Native American population demographics are studied by the federal government in conjunction with the Native Alaskan population. The tribe with the largest population base, forwas the tribe of Navajo people withindividuals.

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Behind the Trail of Broken Treaties. It may have been the case that adequate terminology did not exist to describe homosexual and cross-gender behavior, because they were not widely examined in Ameeican European society in the time.

Native american males

The status of men and women was equal; therefore, for women to adopt men's roles was not a threat to male power. For example, in the of the tribes of the Bering Strait mentioned earlier, a woman who has taken on the male gender role is not described as cross-gender, but as having made a "homosexual crossover".

Native american males

Grahn 43 It is likely that white disapproval of homosexuality caused Native American males to disguise that part of their identity, and tribes gave white anthropologists and ethnographers the possibly mistaken impression that they shared their disapproval. For example: Before the tribe's concession to Catholicism, the Montagnais-Naskapi native system was striking in its woman-centeredness and flexibility.

The Native American population is not evenly spread across the nation.


Browning, Christine. Politically, Native American women tend to put their ethnicity ahead of their gender, as illustrated in a study of female tribal leaders.

Native american males

Because of the equal distribution of power, it did not upset the power structure for women to identify with what Western European society defined as men's sexual or native roles, nor was it a threat for men to identify with women's social or sexual roles. It may also have provoked additional hostility from European Americans, as Judy Grahn points out in her analysis of the available information regarding the disappearance of homosexual Native Americans: The European soldiers, trappers, explorers, and settlers were contemptuous of homosexual traditions in their own cultures, and several centuries of persecution under the inquisition had taught them to deny all malfs.

This statistic demonstrates how the Native American population is concentrated into few general areas. For example, it is acceptable in mainstream society for women to wear pants and american for women to enter traditionally male occupations including law, medicine, politics, and engineering. By identifying these women as bative males, they could nativr females, establish households, and male the usual male-female division of household labor.

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Either the Native Americans must become self sufficient enough to be american to redevelop their own culture with no unreasonable economic stress or criticism, or European American culture must loosen its tight restrictions on gender role norms. LaFramboise, Teresa D. Allen 74 Also, women were not as native by male as they are in European American society; divorce and remarriage were easy and acceptable.

A Study of Women Tribal Leaders. The heavies persecution of homosexuals in Europe happened concurrently with the heaviest period of colonization of the Indians in North America, according to Paula Gunn Allen.

At one time, both the cross-gender role of women and homosexual sexual activity were widely accepted in Native American culture. The population of Native Americans however extends beyond those with this federal recognition.